Did your camera bag a 'Grand Elk' ? Show it here!

E-mail photos: OR

Save it on the web and attach the photo to your Grand Elk Railfan Forum Message.

Photos e-mailed to me should be posted (hopefully) within 1 week! (If you want to have 'hunting points' added, let me know how you scored.' lol.

Here are some of your 'Hunting Trophys' 

 ( He Bagged 3 'Grand Elk'(No 'Bucks')=Worth 300 pts.).


The above photo album comes from tmarkwilson  He shot photos of 3 Grand Elk (with 'Bucks' (logo)  1500 pts. (good job!)  (500 pts./each engine).  NOTE: You will have to subscribe for free to see his snapfish account. 


Below Nick K. Shot 3 nice photos of 2 Grand Elk Engines (with 'Bucks'(logo)). 1000 Points  (500pts. each)

Good Job!

From Richard Roberts in May 2009.  Great Job.  1 Buck=500 pts.